1995 Tattoo CD


The 1995 Edinburgh Military Tattoo celebrated the Royal House of Stuart. This CD includes music from The Massed Pipes and Drums, La Garde Ecossaise, the Egyptian Military Musical Group and La Musique du 42eme Regiment de Transmissions.

Please note this is an Audio CD. 

  1. Opening Fanfares

  2. Massed Pipes and Drums

  3. La Garde Ecossaise

  4. The Egyptian Military Music Group

  5. The House of Stuart

  6. La Musique Du 42nd Regiment De Transmissions

  7. The Ball at the Palace of Holyrood House

  8. The Young Pretender’s Arrival in Edinburgh

  9. The Massed Bands

  10. Massed Bands, Pipes and Drums

  11. Finale