2007 Tattoo CD


The 2007 CD features music from the Massed Pipes and Drums, the Middlesex County Volunteer Fifes and Drums, the Mounted Band of the Blues and Royals and the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra.

Please note this is an Audio CD.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the 2007 album for £7.99 from iTunes.

  1. Fanfare

  2. Massed Pipes and Drums

  3. Taipei First Girls' Senior High School Honour Guard and Drum Corps

  4. Middlesex County Volunteer Pipes & Drums

  5. Massed Commonwealth Highland Dancers

  6. The Band of the Moscow Military Conservatoire

  7. The Mounted Band of Blues & Royals

  8. Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra

  9. The Massed Military Bands

  10. The Massed Military Bands and Massed Pipes & Drums

  11. Finale

  12. March out


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