Weaving a tale of Tattoo Tartan

Tartan is a global textile of tradition and rebellion, oppression, and fashion. Spanning decades of use within both military and cultural spheres. The instantly recognised grid form of colour is synonymous with Scotland – and in turn the Scottish performers that grace the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade every August.

Our very first Tattoo tartan was launched in 1983, celebrating the uniqueness of our show and our traditional Scottish and military beginnings. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dress tartan was designed by D.C. Dalgliesh a weaving firm in Selkirk.

To mark our Golden Jubilee year, we then launched a new version of the Tattoo Tartan for the final Tattoo of the 20th century in 1999. This is one you will recognise today as it is most widely used in Tattoo staff uniforms and furnishings.

The official Tattoo Tartan was designed by Peter MacDonald (Scotland’s foremost tartan historian). The colours depict the three military forces - Navy, Army & Air Force joined by black from Edinburgh's heraldic arms.

As well as our Tattoo Tartan, we also have our very own Pipers Trail tartan worn by the Tattoo Performers when they represent us at events and performances across the globe.

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